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What is the Law Regarding Car Insurance Quotes in San Jose, California?



Understanding the law is very important when it comes time to shop for car insurance quotes. You must have adequate coverage to make driving legal, but you also need to have enough coverage to protect yourself.

Why California is the Cheapest Place to Purchase Car Insurance Quotes



Living in California has its benefits, but unfortunately it comes at a cost. Being one of the most expensive states in the country can take a toll on many people's budgets. Fortunately, car insurance quotes in San Jose, California are among the cheapest in the country.

Cars with the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in San Jose, California


Toyota Corolla

Out of the many things that go into your car insurance quotes, the type of car you drive is one that is under your direct control. Here are some of the cheapest cars to insure while living in California.

Finding Car Insurance Quotes in San Jose Can Save You from Legal Repercussions


Car insurance in San Jose

The State of California has many ways of finding out your insurance status, and the consequences for not having any can be steep. Finding cheap car insurance quotes (San Jose included) can keep you protected in many ways.

Cars with the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in San Jose, California

There are many factors that go into how much you pay for car insurance quotes. Some of these - such as age and sex - are not changeable. Others are completely in your control, and therefore easy to adjust if you are wanting to pay less for your insurance. The type of car you drive is one factor that is controllable and can make a huge impact on how much your car insurance quotes in San Jose, CA cost.

You might think that since car accidents are caused by the mistakes of drivers, that car insurance should only be based on drivers. However, there is a lot of research on different factors that can contribute to a car accident, and the type of car you drive pops up time after time as an important factor. Not only are some cars more likely to get into an accident to begin with - such as sports cars - some are more likely to be involved in serious or fatal car accidents. This is likely due to how safe the vehicle you drive is. If your vehicle is up to date with the latest safety features, you will be more likely to survive a car accident. Car insurance companies also have to pay claims if your car is vandalized or stolen, so how secure your car is will also determine how much your car insurance quotes in San Jose California are.

After researching the top 100 car makes and models between the years 2009 and 2013 in California, the top 10 least expensive cars to insure based on full coverage premiums was determined. Here, in no particular order, is the list:

Compact cars:

» Scion XB, Nissan Sentra, Toyota Corolla, Mini Cooper Clubman, and the subcompact car Honda Fit

Sports Utility Vehicles:

» Crossovers Toyota RAV4 and Honda Pilot, and the midsize SUV Toyota Highlander


» Toyota Sienna and the Honda Odyssey

Time after time these cars have proven to be the best to insure. They are involved in the least amount of accidents, and when they are involved in accidents, the costs to repair them is low. These cars typically cost 10% less to insure than other cars.

If you are not currently able to change vehicles, there are still things you can do to save money on your car insurance quotes. You can try to update your vehicle with safety and security features it is missing. If you park on the street, you can park in a garage if one is available and save. If possible, moving from a urban to rural area can help you save because with less people around there are less chances to get into an accident and less chances for your car to be stolen or vandalized. As a driver, you can maintain a good credit record, drive safely and avoid accidents and traffic violations, and take driver's education classes.

Living in California, cheap car insurance quotes are easy to come by. By following these tips on the best cars to buy for cheap insurance you will only make your car insurance quotes lower and more affordable.